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Almost Queen

20th January 2018 - Saturday 19:00

Almost Queen, the most original Queen tribute band of all time, are bringing their signature Queen experience to Gramercy Theater!

The band consists of Joseph Russo (as Freddie Mercury), Steve Leonard (as Brian May), John Cappadona (as Roger Taylor), and Randy Gregg (as John Deacon). The band was founded by Joe and John. They recruited a bass player and lead guitar guitarist but the pair didn’t turn out to be a good fit and after six months Joe and John approached a management company who recommended Randy. Steve joined the band as a substitute guitar player and went on to replace his counterpart and become a full-time member. In an interview, Randy has said, “The positive side for us…is that Queen has been defunct, especially with the Freddie Mercury aspect. Our booking agent doesn't even like to call us a tribute act because we're more like a production and when it comes to playing Queen stuff…the Queen stuff is very, very hard to pull off and very, very gratifying to do it. Some of the best compliments we have are from the avid Queen fans. When we get off stage they go "Oh, my God! You do the studio versions!... We do Bohemian Rhapsody in full, as opposed to Queen, where they rolled a tape 'live' for the opera section.”

Don’t miss your chance to see these artist bring you a truly authentic Queen experience!