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Margaret Cho

12th October 2017 - Thursday 22:00

Margaret Cho, California's sensational and multi talented comedian is bringing her indelible comedy to the Gramercy Theater!

Margaret Moran Cho was born in San Francisco in 1968 and is a stand up comedian, actress, fashion designer, author, singer, and songwriter. Her comedic style is shockingly confessional and she jokes about many topic such as politics, LGBT rights, race, and liberal issues. She cites Richard Pryor as a big influence and she said in an interview, "If you want to be a great comic, you really have to mine your life. As for the tradition of being so confessional, I followed Richard Pryor, who was a friend of mine and a great mentor. He was very open about his life, even about his drug abuse and setting himself on fire...And as tragic as it is, it can be funny. In fact, the more terrible it is, the funnier it is.It feels great to write a new bit and have it work...That’s what keeps me going, that challenge. I’ve been trying to work on certain premises for 30 years, and they still haven’t worked. I’ll make them work one day." She's had a stellar career in comedy and she's also starred in many films and TV shows. She's received many accolades including an American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian.

Don't miss your chance to see this artist with her charismatic stage antics and unique brand of comedy!