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Something To Wrestle: Bruce Prichard & Conrad Thompson

20th August 2017 - Sunday 12:30

Something To Wrestle, the sensational podcast hosted by Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson is coming to the Gramercy Theater!

Something To Wrestle takes an in depth look at the expansion of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly the World Wrestling Federation) in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early 90s for the WWF, the GWF, the Monday Night War, the 2000s in WWE and TNA and much more. Bruce Prichard is a professional wrestling personality best known as a manager and producer for WWE. Conrad Thompson has followed professional wrestling for all his life and brings a fan perspective to the podcast. Together, Bruce and Conrad take trip down memory lane and pull back the curtain on some of the sport's most outrageous, controversial, and historic moments ever. The podcast is extremely popular even though it has no wrestling stars or other guests. Conrad said in an interview, “People aren’t as interested in star power as they are in content. Maybe it’s enough to start a podcast. But is it going to be enough to bring them back? Contrast that with our show. We’ve involved our listeners. It’s because of our inside jokes, it’s because of our chemistry, it’s because of Bruce’s storytelling. It’s as close as anybody is going to get to being inside Vince McMahon’s head.”

Don’t miss your chance to see Bruce and Conrad tell you the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments!