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Soulfly & Nile

19th April 2018 - Thursday 18:30

Sensational heavy metal artists Soulfly and Nile are bringing their signature sounds to the Gramercy Theater!

Soulfly was formed in Phoenix in 1997 and it currently consists of Max Cavalera (vocals and rhythm guitar), Marc Rizzo (lead guitar), Mike Leon (bass and backing vocals), and Zyon Cavalera (drums and percussion). Over the years, their musical style has spanned many genres such as groove metal (a subgenre of heavy metal that takes the intensity and sonic qualities of thrash metal and plays them at mid tempo, with most bands making only occasional forays into fast tempo), thrash metal (an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music characterized by its fast tempo and overall aggression, frequent use of fast percussive beats and low register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding style lead work, and lyrics often dealing with social issues and reproach for The Establishment), death metal. They’re also known to incorporate elements of world music (such as tribal music and Middle Eastern music) into their sound. They’ve had a stellar career with 10 studio albums (one of which as been certified Gold in the US and Silver in the UK), 1 video album, 1 extended plays, 12 music videos, 23 singles, and they've collaborated with many renowned artists such as Dino Cazares, Burton C. Bell, Fred Durst, and DJ Lethal.

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